Trueform CNC Machining Inc., was incorporated in the summer of 1998. During those early years as a supplier of CNC’d parts, mould inserts, mould bases and electrodes we also did some software engineering to further our internal efficiencies. When the occasional production job came up that required 24/7 processing, and without the man power to work around the clock, the equipment would run “lights out”.  Unfortunately many times after an all night machining session, production would halt in the middle of the night for one reason or another. Sometimes it was a power cut, while other times a cutter broke or the machine got clogged with metal chips and ran out of coolant. Even a simple problem of a data transmission error during the machining process brought everything to a halt. After too many lost hours of production, we designed a system I called a “CNC Supervisor ®”. It was a prototype electronic monitoring device that watched over the production equipment.  PCB board I had a local shop manufacture, tied together with an internet embedded modem and a serial cable to a PC. This first version of my “CNC Supervisor ®” sensed the line voltage, coolant levels and CNC status. As soon as an error condition occurred, it would dial up my ISP and fire off an SMS-email to my phone. Yes, I did this back in 1996 before anyone had heard of SMS messaging. (I even helped ClearNET engineers debug their cell phone network) Years later I partnered up with a couple of other people to move this concept forward in monitoring environments and equipment. Over those years I learned a lot about many industries that could benefit from my technology. Today’s version of the “CNC Supervisor ®” is helping many shops and labs improve their bottom line by giving them the power to understand their environment and industrial equipment.

Trueform CNC Machining Inc. strongly supports civic responsibility.  We contribute to our art communities.  Recent contributions of sculptures, pendants,  Humber bridge project, The Heart Machine and Figment Toronto to the BurnT OUT Interactive Arts Society,  Burning Man, Interactive Arts, and Alpha respectively.